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Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm CDT
options that can expand the district region. given all students the ability to have higher education options. the school system is not ready to continue as planned. more than willing to take some of these turnaround schools and turn them into charter schools. today is day seven of the teachers strike in evergreen park. some teachers camped out last night, while their union met with school officials over a new contract. the ten hour session ended at two thirty in the morning, with no resolution. both sides say they're still far apart on teachers salaries and benefits. negotiators won't meet again until later this evening. wood family foundation breaks ground on kerry wood cubs field the wood family foundation celebrates the groundbreaking of kerry wood cubs field baseball stadium in partnership with chicago cubs, the ricketts family, chicago cubs charities, chicago park district, chicago public schools, turner construction alderman ameya pawar, and clark park advisory council. the stadium, located in the avondale area north of the city, will include seating for 1,100 spectators and fa
Oct 10, 2012 12:00pm CDT
still necessary in education. the death toll is mounting from the meningitis outbreak tied to contaminated steroid injections. a 70-year-old florida man is the latest victim to die in the outbreak of fungal meningitis that's now spread to ten states. he's one of 12 people killed by the disease, among more than 120 who've been infected. the contaminated steroid was produced by a massachusetts company and shipped to 23 states, including illinois. health officials say as many as 13 thousand people received injections to relieve back pain and other complaints and are at risk of infection. so far, about five percent of patients treated with the medication have contracted meningitis. >>two american scientists are the recipients of the 2012 nobel prize for chemistry. robert lefkowitz of duke university and brian kobilka of stanford are being honored for discovering the inner workings of receptors that allow cells to respond to chemical messages.. such as adrenaline rush. the nobel prize committee says about half of all medications act through these receptors. their research is helpin
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm CDT
necessary in education. if you dont like the seats on c- t-a trains and buses, you now have a chance to voice your opinion. the active transportation alliance is taking a poll on their website, through the 14th. it wants to know if c-t-a riders prefer the individual bucket- style seats, the aisle facing bench seats, or if they have no preference at all. the survey comes after the c-t-a received complaints about the bench seating in new rail cars. the alliance will share survey results with the transit agency. to another waterfront is in talks of a makeover. >> this city of san antonio tx has a big major development along the river walk. it has been a huge doors attraction. you can only imagine what a development along the chicago river would be like. >> i talked about making the chicago river the next recreational frontier of the city. currently there are portions of the river wall that had been built up. there are vast stretches along the river that are vacant. the areas between the bridges are coming alive. >> want to openin it p. or both houses will be open. those liv
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm CDT
percent support of what is current on the ear. the 210 educators to remain on strike are not finding too hopeful of a returning to the classrooms at a time some. both sides reported little to no progress. despite nine hours of negotiation. shutting down five schools for 1800 kids. the two sides also disagree on how to make up for lost time. the board wants to keep the student for making up the entire school year. that is unacceptable. kids will miss this sixth day of class as tomorrow. where small amounts of the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease were found. traces of legionella bacteria were discovered at the gustafson and hoover-wood elementary schools, and at batavia high school. all were disinfected over the three-day columbus day holiday weekend. the bacteria can cause legionnaires disease, but health officials say most people exposed to it never develop symptoms. >>a criminal investigation is under way after someone hacked into the naperville city website. city manager doug krieger is reassuring residents that no credit card information was released. the naperville website a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4